The first engine Greek-origin Mech. Engineer Chris Vouros had seen as a toddler, in a small village of Samos island and when electrical energy had yet to be invented, was the classic Multiblade Windpump.

Growing up in natural environment, he learned to observe the work of the Creator of the earth, the natural laws and their functions, the wind, the sun, the sea, the animals, the birds, like Newton, Aristotle and others. Then, there was no Google to give us everything ready ! We had to observe and think !

Lateron, he studied Engineering in Italy and was specialized in the improvement of racing cars engine performance. He was professionally involved with this as well as with the representation and introduction of the sports cars named PUMA, while he had also obtained the license to manufacture them in Greece. Nevertheless, the idea of producing electricity from natural sources such as WIND, SUN, WATER always “tickled” him. In 1977, alongside PUMA cars, he began to design and construct low – power wind generators.

In the early 80’s,“Awake!” magazine coverpage (22.2.1980) caught his attention, featuring a drawing of a windturbine and a photovoltaic panel. The related article was analyzing the advantages of the renewable energy sources compared to fossil fuels, that pollute the environment and are mainly responsible for climate change.

This article urged him to progressively abandon and become the firelighter for further research on the design and construction of wind turbines by founding Wind+Sol Ltd . In order to measure and certify their performance, Chris Vouros collaborated with the National Technical University of Athens. The wind turbine runner rate of performance is 49%, according to the NTUA Certificatedated 18/10/1983 and is still considered a very high performance in our days.

In 1993 he established ENERGOTECH SA that was mainly activated in the field of designing, manufacturing and licensing of wind/photovoltaic parks.

Subsequently in collaboration with the laboratory of wind energy and energy system synthesis of Crete Technical University, he conducted  wind studies all around Greece.

In 2008, in collaboration with ΕLETAEN he installed wind turbines, in Sintagma Sguare,in front of the Greek parliament, in order to inform the public about the advantages of renewable energy.

At the same time, Chris Vouros, who likes to observe and study natural phenomena, developed the AIR–ANTIFROST technology i.e. non-frost protection of agricultural crops, based on the exploitation of a natural phenomenon called “temperatureinversion.

Air-Anti Frost

This technology received the certificates 1002506/15.1.1997 and 1002836/15.1.1998.

He has constructed and installed over 100 windfrost machines, called HAM, of 7,5-75,0 KW power, for the protection of crops 5.000-40.000 s.m. (at that time, the Hellenic Organization of Agricultural Cultivation Insurance subsidized HAM 75%).

Considering that fog is a natural phenomenon “milder” than ice, he started research on the damages caused by fog, mainly to air and road transportation. This research brought significant results to light, showing not only financial losses but also losses of human life. Actually, it was discovered that, due to fog , over 2,500 human life have been lost in airplane accidents during the last 25 years.

Therefore, he reached the conclusion that such casualties can be avoided, by exploiting the relevant technology and by adopting a proactive over a repressive approach.

Proactiveness includes continuous recording and analysis of the natural meteorological phenomena contributing to the creation of fog.

Thus the system is  proactively activated, and the phenomenon is eliminated. This technology was named “AIR-ANTIFOG” and was registered under the following trade mark:

Air-Anti Fog

It has received the Patent No. 1008545 of the Hellenic Industrial Property Organization (OBI), and the International Certificate EP3094784.

It should be mentioned that “AIR-ANTIFOG’ was presented at “iENA Nuremberg – International Trade Fair Ideas – Inventions – New Products”  on 2-5/7/2017, where it received the Ηonor Αward,-gold medal- as the world’s best invention of the year.

Another unique technology that Chris Vouros developed, is the specially designed Wind turbine named ShockWaveElectroTurbine (SWET), which can  convert to electric energy not only the natural wind but also displaced atmospheric mass of passing vehicles, ,  such as underground and ground trains, cars, etc.

 The electricity produced can be stored to the electricity grid or used for autonomous street lights, street signes, street advertisments, etc. The system  can operate in horizontal or vertical position. When positioned horizontally, it can also operate as a water turbine by converting rain water into electricity. An important feature of SWET is that it delivers its rated power at 100 rpm only!!!

SWET has received National Patent Diploma by Hellenic Industrial Property Organization with the number 1008546 while the issuance of the  European Diploma is expected, with code PCT/GR2015/000007 and is registered by the following trade mark:

Another great innovation of Chris Vouros, is “RIVER PUMP”. River pump is an ideal choice for fields crossed or adjoin rivers or streams of water. It works 24 hours a day with unique power source the power of flowing water!!! That mean  we have zero energy cost!!!

Recently, mistakes have been made in the management of gross fields by installing photovoltaic parks in them, which prevent their traditional purpose of agriculture. It’s effective to produce clean electricity from the sun, but on the other hand, it’s ineffective to import domestic agricultural products from other countries.

Chris Vouros focusing on the problem, with his long experience in the natural environment and renewable energy sources, came up with a method which combinates both activities. The method is called AGROSOLENERGY and is registered under the trade mark:

The issuance of the national patent certificate is expected by Hellenic Industrial Property Organization with application number 22-0003502398/27.8.2020.

Another interesting innovation of Chris Vouros is the Wind turbine named «Butterfly»

This wind turbine was given this name because it protects itself with its fins, using the gusts of wind to protect its fins. The tail of the turbine was removed in order to prevent  the blade’s plane to search each time for the average air flow, but with the use of two fan blades placed horizontally or vertically Butterfly is always stable, facing the average air flow, regardless of wind changes. This also allows  the wind turbine to keep stable rpm’s which means stable energy production.

It’s been manufactured in power of 1,5 KW 3,5 KW and 7 KW and works autonomously or connect to the grid.

Recently, Chris Vouros, using his long know in vehicles, designed and manufactured hybrid charging stations for electric vehicles, which are registered by the following trade mark:

The issuance of the relevant national certificate is expected. Number of title/application 2020-02134/12.6.2020

Sun Wind,  as its name suggests, consist of a wind turbine, with a vertical or horizontal axis, that generates rated power at 100 rpm only, photovoltaic panels in circular or in series format as well as a digital kwhmeter/p.o.s for energy purchase. They can operate concurrently with the existing electricity grid by storing the electricity produced in it or as stand – alone units installed in stores parkings, squares, gas stations, beaches etc.

At the same time, Mech. Engineer Chris Vouros, trying to further reduce the

pollution,  produced by all kinds of moving vehicles, reached to the idea of placing flexible or fixed photovoltaics on the roof and sides of vehicles that have satisfactory surfaces, such as buses e.t.c. so that whether they are moving or not, their accumulators can be charged!!! Especially in a country full  of sun light all year round.

This technology registered with the name SOLAR-ELECTRIC VEHICLES and the issuance by Hellenic Industrial Property Organization of the national patent certificate is expected with application number 246.0004418102.

The current energy crisis prompted the production of another successful innovation!     He combined the photovoltaic panel that produces electricity, with the solar water heater that produces hot water to save money and space on roofs!!!