In 1977, Mech. Engineer Chris Vouros had the idea to transform wind and solar energy into electricity. So, he began to design various types of wind turbines, hydroturbine and rest.

In 1981, he founded the company WINDSOL LTD with the participation of Professor of Technical University Georges Bergeles, economist Dimitris Vouros, and a circle of people who were involved in the field of Renewable Energy. The aim of the company was the development of technology for the exploitation of Renewable Energy Sources, and environment, the design and production of Wind Generators and Hydro Turbine with power up to 50kW and Meteorological Masts up to 85m tall. Moreover, the company, using the wind turbine technology (where everything is placed on top) turned the anti-frost wind machines (for agricultural protection, that until then had been operating with diesel engines installed on the ground) into electrical ones, achieving a lower initial and operating cost and protecting an area much bigger than before. For these innovations two patents have been granted.

In 1993, Chris Vouros founded ENERGOTECH SA in order to provide investors with services concerning the design, development and licensing of wind and solar farms, making deals with well-known investors of this sector. The perennial contact with the natural environment led to the conception of two innovative operating methods:

A. The exploitation of the Shockwave produced by vehicles moving on the ground or mainly underground (trains, cars, etc.)

B. With the experience gained in the prevention of the global meteorological phenomenon called “radiation ice” that causes serious damage to agricultural crops, he designed an innovative application to prevent the phenomenon “fog”, which has a milder effect than that of ice, and that causes huge economic losses and human life losses both in airports and highways. 


The company has designed a special type of wind turbine, which may be placed in horizontal or vertical operating position and that is activated by the abovementioned shock wave. When the installation takes place on a highway, the wind turbine can also exploit the natural wind. In any case, the electric power produced can either be channeled to the grid or function as an independent energy unit, with the addition of batteries, and be used to cover road lighting and signing needs. Furthermore the wind turbine can be placed in horizontal position on building roofs.



The relevant technology records climatic parameters such as atmosphere and ground temperature, humidity, wind flow velocity etc. A specially designed software is used for processing these parameters and, whenever the climate conditions that favor the formation of fog are detected, fans mounted in clusters are activated, creating wind artificially, altering the climate conditions and preventing the creation of fog as a result.

The company is currently seeking:

1. Investors and sponsors in order to implement and exploit the innovations mentioned above.

2. Partners i order to apply to HORIZON 2020 with relevant demos. The demo can be funded by the European Commission, for up to 70%, as an innovation.

The company recently participated in the iENA exhibition,that took place in Nurnberg, Germany from 2nd to 5th November 2017 and was awarded the golden award of the best innovation for 2017.